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From quality bread flour to made-from-scratch sauces, every bite of our cinnamon rolls is part of a handcrafted process. Wondering how long it takes a cinnamon roll to get from raw product to the finish line...about the same amount of time it takes to fly from Asheville to NYC...and back.


Making the Dough

Quality bread flour combines with other essential ingredients, mixed by hand in our red classic Kitchenaid mixers to ensure every dozen is the same quality handcrafted roll you expect.

Image by insung yoon

Rise Time

The dough rises and proofs, giving the yeast time to work its "magic" and produce a soft, chewy, tender roll. 


Rolled Goodness

Once the dough has proofed, we roll it, fill it, cut it and put it back in the proofer again...and wait for it to rise to perfection. Then into the oven.

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