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I love making people smile.

Like so many others I was furloughed when Covid came. I've spent almost all of my life in a kitchen, either in an elementary school cafeteria, a college cafe, or my own. My grandmother, Gogo, and my mother, Libby, taught me everything I know about cooking.

I grew up eating really good food, but nothing fancy. Just simple, home cooked meals made with love. I now live with my husband Jerry, and our son Trent in my grandmother's house. She lived with us until we just couldn't take care of her any longer. (See the picture below). Until April of 2022, I baked cinnamon rolls in the same kitchen (with several updates), my grandmother taught me to cook in. 


I now bake in a quaint shop within walking distance from my house. 



120 years of rich history

My grandmother, Gogo, lived in this old yellow house almost 72 years. ​She was a homemaker, raising two kids and cooking for everyone my grandaddy brought home. We have no idea how many guests have sat at her table, how many meals she has prepared, how many bushels of green beans she has canned. 

Located near the railroad, hobos would often hop off the train (word must have spread) and sleep in the furnace room underneath the house. In the morning, Gogo would yell down to them and offer them a hot breakfast--no judgment, just good food.

I cook in that same kitchen. Though Gogo no longer lives with us, her imprint is everywhere.

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